ernest mack
I dream of writing a best seller that becomes an even greater movie. I see myself smiling and accepting the awards. I have seen others ascend to this hallowed stage, yet I hesitate, because I know it will never happen to me. But I dream anyway, and play the lottery, raise my kid, and wait till it's my time to begin another level of transition on a journey from whence I know nothing, to parts and places unknown.... Come with me, at least part of the way. Read my stories, engage my mind and help me to achieve some portion that will lead to something great. AVAILABLE NOW Jesus (Hey-Zuz) Aliens have attacked, the military has failed. A baby cries. UNDER CONSTRUCTION The Gofer, a masterpiece, tells the tale of a time traveler who must discover the truth about Jesus the Christ The True story of Blackstar Private Police - True Story of the adventures of a black private detective and his dedicated team of agents operating in the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia

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